GuanGzhou rams

Home of rugby in south china Since 1997
We aim to provide ex-pat and local chinese with a social rugby experience and to introduce and grow rugby within the local chinese community.

The Rams continue these traditions and values today however, we have grown from a small social club to a fully functioning sporting organisation within the Guangzhou community.

The club has a committee structure that involves both expats’ and locals. Men and women who work tirelessly to run the club as a valuable part of the Guangzhou community. Through this structure the club has started to thrive on extra opportunities. Including being offered to host the 1st ever professional rugby game in China next January.

We currently have 4 sections of the club


2 Mens Teams
1 Womens Team


Competitive & Social
for Everyone


Free Community


Ages 6-15 Rugby &
Touch Rugby
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DiD you knoW that...
The notion of singing a national anthem before a sporting event originated at a rugby match
The same whistle has been used for the first opening Rugby World Cup game since 1905
Rugby balls were originally plum-shaped as they were made from pig bladders of that shape
The highlight of the calendar is the Guangzhou 10s
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